Faculty & Staff


Department Chair

Josh Machamer NO CLASSES scheduled Bldg. 45, Rm. 104 805-756-5560


W (2:00p-3:00p) | 

TH (9:00a-10:00a) OR 


Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty (Spring Quarter 2020)

*please note: all faculty & staff are working remotely and through virtual means for the entire spring quarter

Thomas John Bernard TH225/325; TH295 Bldg. 45T, Rm. 100A 805-756-5099

M/W 2p-3p, by phone and email

Christy McNeil Chand DANC210; DANC233; DANC341; DANC430 Bldg. 34, Rm. 226 805-756-6436

Synchronous via email or Zoom – M/W 10a-12p, T/Th 2p-6p, F 2-4p (PST);

Click HERE to make a 30-minute ZOOM meeting with me; Click HERE to make a group 30-minute ZOOM meeting with me

Brian Healy TH230/TH330 Bldg. 45, Rm. 102 805-756-6071

Synchronous via email or ZOOM – MWF 10a-12p; or make a ZOOM appointment:

  • To make a 30-minute ZOOM appointment click HERE.

Or join the Advisor workspace via Slack

Karin Hendricks-Bolen TH345 Bldg. 45, Rm. 103B 805-756-5079

Wednesday and Thursday 2p-3pm via email, Zoom (498-753-772), or my personal phone. Additional office hour meetings by appointment.

Diana Stanton

DANC221; DANC232; DANC280; Dance Program Head

Bldg. 34, Rm. 225 805-756-2039

T/TH 12p-2p and Fri 2p-4p (for Dance 341). My link for scheduling is:

Clint Bryson NO CLASSES scheduled Bldg. 45, Rm. 203 805-756-2486  
Kasey Church Brown DANC133; DANC231 Bldg. 60, Rm. 8A 805-756-1169  
Jude Clark-Warnisher DANC132 Bldg. 60, Rm. 8A 805-756-1169

M/W 12:10p-2:00p — primarily e-mail availability with an option of offering a ZOOM appointment if desired 

Don Stewart TH227 Bldg. 45, Rm. 210 805-756-2030

Monday 12:30p - 1:30p by email or via Zoom: Join URL: Don Stewart Zoom Office Hours

Philip Valle TH210.01; TH380; TH450 Bldg. 34, Rm. 224 805-756-5183

TH450 - email & ZOOM (join HERE) Mondays 10a-12p

TH210 - email & ZOOM (join HERE) Tuesdays 10a-12p

TH380 - email & ZOOM (join HERE) Wednesdays 9a-11a

Elisabeth Weidner TH400 Bldg. 45, Rm. 210 805-756-2030 By appointment only: Email to schedule Zoom appointment.


Rebecca Anderson

Administrative Support Coordinator Bldg. 45, Rm. 103 805-756-1465  
Laina Annette Babb Costume Shop Manager Bldg. 45T, Rm. 100A 805-756-5099  
Clint Bryson Technical Director Bldg. 45, Rm. 203 805-756-2486  

Emeritus Faculty & Staff

Susan Duffy
Tim Dugan
Howard Gee
Maria Junco
Michael R. Malkin
Diane Salmon
Al Schnupp
Moon Ja Minn Suhr
Michelle Walter

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