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About Hala Baki

Hala Baki (she/her) is a Lecturer in the Theatre and Dance Department at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. She holds a PhD in Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies with an Interdisciplinary Emphasis in Global Studies from UC Santa Barbara as well as an MA in Theater from CSU Northridge. Her research explores how Arab American theater's relations to conditions of production influence its support structures and sustainability. Her scholarship weaves theories of the public sphere, diaspora, social systems / institutions, and performance economies. She has presented her work at IFTR, ASTR, and ATHE. She has published in Modern Drama, Theatre Journal, Theatre Topics, and Asian Theatre Journal. She has edited the anthology The Vagrant Trilogy: Three Plays by Mona Mansour (Bloomsbury, 2022) and authored a chapter in the forthcoming volume Arabs, Politics, and Performance (Routledge). She is also a stage director whose recent credits include Mona Mansour's unseen (Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2022), the original ensemble play Writer's Block (2021), Kareem Fahmy’s American Fast (2021), and Yussef El Guindi’s Cha-Cha (2020).


Courses Taught at Cal Poly:

TH 305: Topics in Diversity on the American Stage

[Race, Gender, and Performance]

TH 345: Mainstage Rehearsal and Performance

TH 390: Global Theatre and Performance

[Drama of the Arab World]

TH 390: Global Theatre and Performance

[Modern African Theatre]



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