Each member's time involvement with the company will vary depending on how many pieces they choose to perform in, and whether or not they are choreographing. Rehearsals are a minimum of two hours per week per dance. Dancers can manage their load by limiting the number of dances they choose to perform. As a rough estimate, a dancer who performs in four dances might spend approximately 15 hours or more a week total in class and rehearsals per quarter. During production weeks the time involved increases, but after production it drops and students find time to catch up on their studies. Choreographer's time commitments will be greater than those members who are only performing. 

Attendance is also required for possible off campus events and trips, the Finale weekend marathon rehearsal, and most January weekends. Students are required to return several days before the beginning of winter quarter to begin preparations for the end of the month concert or guest residencies. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday is frequently used for concert preparation and attendance is required. Class, rehearsals and field trips are mandatory and attendance is counted as part of the grade. Some events, such as the American College Dance Festival, are optional.


The financial commitment for Orchesis varies from year to year, but dues of $150 to cover expenses related to the production class and the performance. These fees cover expenses like sweatshirts, most costumes, tickets to performances, and other miscellaneous items.


Orchesis partially covers some costume expenses but members are usually expected to buy or provide their own basic costume items such as tights, leotards, undergarmets, and shoes.

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