Orchesis: FLOOR PLAN (Winter 2021)


MARCH 13, 2021

What’s down the hallway? Floor Plan takes viewers on a tour of a house inhabited by dancers. Room by room, a single mover utilizes the space through gesture and the partnering of furniture and walls before leading the audience to the next doorway where another performer awaits. Through video editing, the individual areas within each dancer’s house will unify into one unique structure as exhibited on an actual blueprint. Choreographers include Cal Poly faculty and students plus local and out-of-state guests with the entire creative process occurring through virtual communication. 

tickets/access is through the PAC Box Office from March 13 through March 20. After March 20, the production will be accessible on this webpage. 

Artistic/Production Team

Christy Chand, Director & Choreographer
Clint Bryson, Technical Director & Production Manager
Diana Stanton, Choreographer
Michelle Walter, Choreographer
Horacio Heredia, Choreographer

Brianna Barnes, Choreographer & Dancer (4th-year, English major*)
Tori Barrington, Choreographer & Dancer (3rd-year, Biomedical Engineering major)
Krystina DerBogosian, Dancer (2nd-year, Animal Science major*)
Katey Fitzgerald, Choreographer & Dancer (4th-year, Marine Science major*)
Sarah Florez, Choreographer & Dancer (3rd-year, Sociology major*)
Sara Glaser, Dancer (4th-year, Business Administration major*)
Audrey Johnson, Dancer (4th-year, Biomedical Engineering major*)
Joyce Lam, Dancer (2nd-year, Business Administration major*)
Annie Margolis, Dancer (4th-year, Communication Studies major*)
Kim Marquez, Dancer (3rd-year, Business Administration major*)
Erin Peterson, Dancer (4th-year, Psychology major*)
Daniel Razum, Dancer (3rd-year, Interdisciplinary Studies major)
Alena Robinson, Dancer (3rd-year, Graphic Communication major)
Allie Smith, Dancer (4th-year, Child Development major*)
Courtney Sutherland, Stage Manager (3rd-year, Theatre Arts major)
McKenna Tracy, Dancer (2nd-year, Business Administration major*)

Plus, Advanced Contemporary Repertory class dancers.

*Dance Minor

Sheri Lewis, Choreographer
Wade Madsen, Choreographer
Evan Ricaurté, Digital Designer (Cal Poly 2020 graduate)

The Cal Poly Theatre & Dance Department is pleased to present all performances of this virtual production season free of charge, as a way to continue their commitment to Learn by Doing. If you have the means, please consider contributing $10, $15, or $20 as your “ticket” to the performances. Donations may be made online here.

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