Mission Statement & Program Learning Outcomes

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The mission of the BA Theatre Arts Program at Cal Poly is to provide students with a foundation in the theory and practice of theatre. By providing academic instruction, hands-on activities, and supervised training, majors will develop knowledge of the various aspects of theatre: history, dramatic literature, playwriting, performing, production, directing, design, and administrative practices. The program is delivered within a Liberal Arts framework, intended to advance the value of collaboration at all levels of study; designed to not only produce theatre artists with strong written and verbal skills, but also globally-minded citizens, prepared to enter into a variety of fields.

Theatre Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will develop a fundamental knowledge of theatrical history, as well as dramatic literature.
  • Students will acquire skills in script/text analysis.
  • Students will demonstrate the theoretical precepts found in both production and performance.
  • Students will be exposed to a variety of theatrical skills and apply this knowledge in practical, Learn-By- Doing situations.
  • Students will practice values and ethics that foster an inclusive environment where theatrical activity can flourish.
  • Students will develop written proficiency in a wide variety of assignments.

Mainstage Student Production Assistants

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