Dance Minor Curriculum

The curriculum leading to a minor in the Dance Program at Cal Poly ensures a balance between classes examining the historical and theoretical context of dance and production opportunities that provide intensive laboratory experiences in each dance discipline. Students are given the opportunity to do high-level, hands-on work not available in many undergraduate programs. The following courses and descriptions are available to students pursuing a minor in Dance.

Minor Requirements

The minor in Dance requires twenty-four (24) units designed to provide the student with a well-balanced program in the art and education of dance. 

Admission to the Dance Minor is contingent upon a departmental interview and review by the Dance Minor Advisor. In addition, all students must be in good academic standing (minimum GPA of 2.0). 

DANC 221 Dance Appreciation (C3) 4
DANC 231 Intermediate Ballet 2
DANC 232 Intermediate Modern Dance 2
DANC 233 Intermediate Jazz Dance 2
DANC 340 Dance Composition 4
Electives (10 units - at least 5 elective units must be upper-division)


DANC 130 Pilates and Conditioning Fundamentals 2-6
DANC 131 Beginning Ballet 2
DANC 132 Beginning Modern Dance 2
DANC 133 Beginning Jazz 2
DANC 134 Beginning Ballroom Dance 2
DANC 135 International Folk Dance 2-6
DANC 139 Beginning Tap 2-6
DANC 210 Active Wellness (D4) 4
DANC 233 Intermediate Jazz 2-6
DANC 234 Intermediate Ballroom Dance 2-6
DANC 280 Body Awareness and Expression 4


DANC 311 Dance and American Musical Theatre (C4) 4
DANC 321 Cultural Influences on Dance in America (USCP) (C4) 4
DANC 331 Advanced Ballet Repertory 2-6
DANC 332 Contemporary Repertory 2-6
DANC 341 Dance Concert Practicum 2-6
DANC 345 Choreography & Workshop in Dance Concert Preparation 4-12
DANC 346 Dance Production 4-12
DANC 381 Dance Teaching Methods for Dance Minors 4
DANC 400 Special Problems for Undergraduates 1-8
DANC 430 Advanced Selected Techniques 2
DANC 470 Selected Advanced Topics 1-8
DANC 471 Selected Advanced Laboratory  1-8
Dance Minor units = 24
Dance Minor Project
Project selected according to student's interests, and may include choreography, research, teaching, production work or other topic.

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