Affinity (Spring 2021)

STREAMING through June 15, 2021

The Cal Poly Theatre and Dance Department is proud to present Affinity, the annual Spring Dance Concert. Every year, students of all majors come together to create a one-of-a-kind performance that is directed, choreographed, and performed by students. This year, the process occurred in an entirely virtual format. The title Affinity represents a feeling of closeness and understanding that comes from shared qualities or interests. This show is the culmination of a community of individuals with a shared love for dance. 

Tickets/Access - Through Vimeo

Downloadable PDF Program for Affinity

The Cal Poly Theatre & Dance Department is pleased to present all performances of this virtual production season free of charge, as a way to continue their commitment to Learn by Doing. If you have the means, please consider contributing $10, $15, or $20 as your “ticket” to the performances. Donations may be made online here.

Artistic/Production Team

Brianna Barnes (4th-year, English major*)
Annie Margolis (4th-year, Communication Studies major*)
Allie Smith (4th-year, Child Development major*)
Madison Anderson-Au (3rd year, Psychology major*)
Brianna Barnes (4th year, English major*)
Tori Barrington (3rd year, Biomedical Engineering major)
Samantha Brown (4th year, Mechanical Engineering major)
Candice Espitia (2nd year, Mechanical Engineering major)
Ava Gibler (4th year, Liberal Studies major)
Cosette Gibler (2nd year, Kinesiology major)
Sara Glaser (4th year, Business Administration major*)
Amanda Herbst (3rd year, Chemistry major*)
Annie Margolis (4th year, Communication Studies major*)
Kimberly Marquez (3rd year, Business Administration major*)
Erin Peterson (4th year, Psychology major*)
Julia Portillo (4th year, Food Science major*)
Delainey Priser (5th year, Business Administration major*)
Allie Smith (4th year, Child Development major*)
Maryellen Wood (3rd year, Theatre Arts major*)

*Dance Minor

Diana Stanton, Adviser
Evan Ricaurté, Video Editor(Cal Poly 2020 graduate)

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