SHELTER (Winter 2021)

March 6, 2021

What if your home could speak?  This is the question at the center of Cal Poly’s original audio play, Shelter — an experimental theatrical experience that invites audience members to use their own personal listening devices to take a guided explorative journey of their own home. Streamed autobiographical stories, devised and written by Cal Poly students, will allow the audience to experience their own living space in a unique and compelling way.


SHELTER: An Immersive Theatrical Audio Experience in Your Living Space
This devised play will explore our current circumstance of “sheltering in place” by creating a theatrical piece that examines the emotional connection to our homes through an autobiographical lens. Shelter will be presented as an audio play.


Charlie Charm (2nd year transfer TH Major)
Sarah Miller (2nd year ENGL Major; TH Minor)
Jackie Morales (3rd year TH & ENVM Major)
Bella Ramirez (4th year TH Major)
Jessica Sater (3rd year TH Major)
Maya Sjoblom-Powell (2nd year TH Major)
Ashley Tokarzewksi (3rd year TH Major)

Artistic/Production Team

Karin Hendricks-Bolen, Director
Thomas John Bernard, Costume Designer
Brian Healy, Scenic/Lighting Designer
Elisabeth Weidner, Sound Design & Composer
Clint Bryson, Technical Director
Laina Babb, Costume Shop Manager
Ramón Esquivel, Faculty Dramaturg

Beck Van Zant, Stage Manager (3rd year TH Major)
Kendra Baros, Assistant Stage Manager (3rd year TH Major)
D'Angelo Reyes, Assistant Stage Manager (4th year CE Major; TH Minor)
Tatum Bouse-Eaton, Publicity & Marketing Assistant (4th year TH Major)
Rachel Kupers-Weinstein, Publicity & Marketing Assistant (1st year TH Major)
Marlowe Morris, Publicity & Marketing Assistant (2nd year TH & COMS Major) 

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