SHELTER (Winter 2021)

What if your home could speak?  This is the question at the center of Cal Poly’s original audio play, Shelter — an experimental theatrical experience that invites audience members to use their own personal listening devices to take a guided explorative journey of their own home. Streamed autobiographical stories, devised and written by Cal Poly students, will allow the audience to experience their own living space in a unique and compelling way.


Read more about the Shelter creative process by clicking here - article by Faculty Dramaturg, Ramón Esquivel 

Shelter Portraits

Shelter Scenic Design Collaborations


Photos above: “Wear We Live”
Wearable art inspired by playwrights of Shelter
By Laina Babb, Costume Shop Manager

SHELTER: An Immersive Theatrical Audio Experience in Your Living Space
This devised play will explore our current circumstance of “sheltering in place” by creating a theatrical piece that examines the emotional connection to our homes through an autobiographical lens. Shelter will be presented as an audio play.


Charlie Charm (2nd-year transfer TH Major)
Sarah Miller (2nd-year ENGL Major; TH Minor)
Jackie Morales (3rd-year TH & ENVM Major)
Bella Ramirez (4th-year TH Major)
Jessica Sater (3rd-year TH Major)
Maya Sjoblom-Powell (2nd-year TH Major)
Ashley Tokarzewksi (3rd-year TH Major)

Artistic/Production Team

Karin Hendricks-Bolen, Director
Thomas John Bernard, Costume Designer
Brian Healy, Scenic/Lighting Designer
Elisabeth Weidner, Sound Design & Composer
Clint Bryson, Technical Director
Laina Babb, Costume Shop Manager
Ramón Esquivel, Faculty Dramaturg
Beck Van Zant, Stage Manager (3rd-year TH Major)
Kendra Baros, Assistant Stage Manager (3rd-year TH Major)
D'Angelo Reyes, Assistant Stage Manager (4th-year CE Major; TH Minor)
Tatum Bouse-Eaton, Publicity & Marketing Assistant (4th-year TH Major)
Rachel Kupfer-Weinstein, Publicity & Marketing Assistant (1st-year TH Major)
Marlowe Morris, Publicity & Marketing Assistant (2nd-year TH & COMS Major) 
Annie Doody (2nd-year TH Major)
Alessandra Sachie Gardner (4th-year LAES Major)
MariaElena Gutierrez (4th-year IS Major; TH Minor)
John Mayen (4th-year ME Major)
Kenzie Shorter (4th-year ENGL Major; TH Minor)
Grantland Parker Tracy (4th-year TH Major) 
Courtney Sutherland (3rd-year TH Major)
Clare Cantus (3rd-year TH Major; Studio Art Minor)
Hannah Drechsel (2nd-year TH Major)
Jacqueline Yeung (1st-year TH Major)
Willow Leigh Miller-Cornu (4th-year TH Major)
Bella Ramirez (4th-year TH Major)
Evan Reed (4th-year TH Major)

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