AN ILIAD (Fall 2020)

November 14 - 20, 2020


What is it like to be present at the invention of a story? A small group of narrators, burdened as the carriers of history, present the staggering tale of the Trojan War as a means for investigating and perhaps even changing human nature: our appetite for war, our petulance for destruction, and the character ‘tropes’ that have fought along the way.


Jackie Morales, Poet #1 - The Armies Gather (3rd year TH & ENVM Major)
Natalie Rathle, Poet #2 - Achilles (2nd year TH & ASCI Major)
Rachel Kupfer-Weinstein, Poet #3 - Hector (1st year TH Major)
Elliot Peters, Poet #4 - Patroclus (1st year transfer ENGL Major)
Michaela Sadler, Poet #5 - Achilles’ New Shield (1st year TH Major)
Kacie Hennessy, Poet #6 - Hector’s Death (1st year transfer TH Major)
Bella Ramirez, Poet #7 - Funeral Games (4th year TH Major)

Artistic/Production Team

Josh Machamer, Director
Thomas John Bernard, Costume Designer
Brian Healy, Scenic/Lighting Designer
Clint Bryson, Technical Director
Laina Babb, Costume Shop Manager

MariaElena Gutierrez, Stage Manager (4th year IS Major; TH Minor)
Kendra Baros, Assistant Stage Manager (3rd year TH Major)
Courtney Sutherland, Assistant Stage Manager (3rd year TH Major)
Ryan Clahan, Assistant Lighting Designer (4th year TH Major)
Matt Franaszek, Assistant Lighting Designer (5th year TH Major)


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