Chatroom (Spring 2021)

How do we learn to love one another? Internet chat rooms of the early 2000s, precursors to social media of today, allowed people to virtually meet others all over the world who shared the same passions, interests, loves, hates, and loneliness. When a desperate teenager reaches out to a chat room for help, several strangers respond. But what are their true motivations? This prescient 2005 play by Enda Walsh (Once, Disco Pigs) explores the potential of online relationships to enable cruelty — and inspire kindness.

Educational Resource Guide compiled by Student Dramaturgs Jessica Sater and Grantland Tracy


Max Kennel, William (2nd-year Theatre Arts Major) 
Mira Talwalkar, Eva (4th-year Business Administration Major; Theatre Minor) 
Caleb Winkleblech, Jack (3rd-year Theatre Arts & Business Administration Major) 
Michal Bogucki, Jim (4th-year Business Administration Major; Theatre Minor) 
Kelly Mok, Emily (2nd-year Liberal Arts & Engineering Studies Major) 
Maryellen Wood, Laura (3rd-year Theatre Arts Major; Dance Minor) 

Artistic/Production Team

Ramón A. Esquivel, Director
Thomas John Bernard, Costume Designer
Brian Healy, Scenic/Lighting Designer
Clint Bryson, Technical Director
Laina Babb, Costume Shop Manager
Karin Hendricks-Bolen, Dialect Coach

Management & Support

MariaElena Gutierrez, Stage Manager (4th-year Interdisciplinary Studies Major; Theatre Minor) 
Clare Cantus, Assistant Stage Manager (3rd-year Theatre Major) 
Becky Van Zant, Assistant Stage Manager (3rd-year Theatre Major) 
Jessica Sater, Dramaturg (3rd-year Theatre Major) 
Grantland Tracy, Dramaturg (4th-year Theatre Major)  

Assistant Director and Designers 

Nichole Riffenburgh, Assistant Director (3rd-year Theatre Major) 
Kendra Baros, Assistant Scenic Designer (3rd-year Theatre Major) 
Evan Reed, Assistant Lighting/Video Designer (4th-year Theatre Major) 
Annie Doody, Assistant Sound Designer (2nd-year Theatre Major) 
Kenzie Shorter, Assistant Sound Designer (4th-year English Major; Theatre Minor) 
Chloe Chou, Assistant to Scenic & Lighting Designer (3rd-year Mechanical Engineering Major; Theatre Minor) 


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