Twelfth Night, or What You Will (2022)


November 3- 6 & 10 - 12, 2022 in Spanos Theatre

12th night, William Shakespeare's popular comedy, has it all: music, shipwrecks, romance, mistaken identities, unrequited love, and even sword fights. It is a story filled with love and loss as Viola disguises herself in the foreign country of Illyria while she mourns the loss of her brother. She falls in love, people fall in love with her, and a variety of machinations occur with some very foolish characters on the way to a mostly happy conclusion...


Health & Safety Guidelines 


Orsino- Carson Roman
Viola- Jackie Morales
Olivia- Maya Sjoblom-Powell
Feste- Michaela Sadler
Toby- John DeVries
Maria- Isabel Eileen Hadley
Andrew- Gibson Witz
Fabian- Ella Marchal
Malvolio- Jordan Bates
Antonio- Liam Armistead
Sebastian- Eric Monjoy
Curio- Niah Pratt (u/s Maria)
Valentine- Ben Walker (u/s Orsino)
Sea Captain/Priest- Enrique Ordindeo (u/s Malvolio)
Ladies in Waiting
(Sophia)- Ruby Kloer (u/s Viola), (Helen)- Millie Harrison (u/s Olivia)

Artistic/Production Team


Director- Peter Hadres
Associate Producer and Intimacy Coordinator- Karin Hendricks-Bolen
Costume Designer’s Mentor- Thomas John Bernard
Costume Shop Manager- Laina Babb
Scenic Designer and Technical Director- Clint Bryson
Lighting Designer- Brian Healy


Composer / Musical Director- George Walker


Costume Designer- Rylee Terry
Lighting Designer- Madeline Webb
Assistant Director- Jenna Marie Brock 
Stage Manager- Albert Michael-Le
Assistant Stage Managers- Drew Mahecha-Sherrard & Ren Rahal
Marketing and Outreach- Claire Lawson


Scenic Assistant- Jacqueline Yeung
Costume Shop Assistants- Aldo Rominger, Rylee Terry, & Madeline Webb

Wardrobe Crew (TH325)- Celeste Gutierrez, Natalie Rathle, & Thomas Young
Wardrobe Crew (TH225)- Liam Armistead, Elise Chubb, Nina Hernandez, Mario Rahal, & Madison Wade

Light Board Operator- Madeline Webb
Lighting Programmer- Olivia McNulty
Sound Board Operator- Claire Lawson
Deck Crew- Cameron King, Kasey Knapp, Casey Koiwai


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